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Information accuracy

We're always doing the best to prove and verify any information posted on this wiki pages, but sometimes it's really hard or even impossible because of community basis of the project.

So all actions you're always doing on your own risk, can't take any responsibility for any actions performed by How To's, Manuals or decisions made based on information posted. They are present for information purposes only, and couldn't be treated as professional advice or incentive to action.

At the same time we're always glad to see new community members and authors, so please don't hesitate to contribute but always remember the only our aim: deliver the most accurate and objective information to store it for centuries.

Trademarks is a non-commercial project. We're not designed to get money for anything including but not limited to providing information, creating articles or any other content, creating or posting ads.

So all the trademarks used in articles couldn't be treated as an ad on any conditions. They are mentioned only to guarantee objectiveness and uniqueness. All the rights for trademarks are belongs to their owners.