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Generally there are several ways how to install aftermarket stereo in your G35 or 350z:

  • Do not install it and enjoy OEM stereo
  • Do not install it and use FM transmitters
  • Do not install it and use additional wiring for attaching iPhones/iPods
  • Burn it and buy stereo you like with Bluetooth/Android auto/Carplay/whatever.

So here we'll list aftermarket frames for 1DIN or 2DIN aftermarket stereo for G35 and 350z.


With 350z everything is simpler than possible, those dash kits are installs bolt-on without any issues since interior wasn't changed during the years.


G35 dash panel adapters have integrated A/C controls, so their price would be higher and it's slightly harder to choose the proper option because in G35's interior there are two options: pre-restyle and restyle. Restyle interior is what we had in G35'2003-2004, but there was some cars manufactured in 2004 with restyled interior(I'm the happy owner of such G). Restyled interior was normally installed on all of cars starting from 2005.

So the first dash kit is applicable for pre-restyle interior models only. The second and third ones - for restyled only.

Please also note the difference with temperature switch on fourth dash kit and other ones.