ELM327 controller

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ELM327 OBD2 controller

Pretty old but still actual controller allows to read Engine ECU. Usually(but not always since there are many cases for the same controller) in form on illustration attached.

OBD2 extension cord

Available in variants to work through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. The only problem of this controller(in the case on illustration) is it's size since it prevents parking brake(for A/T models) or clutch(for M/T models) normal operation because of OBD2 port placement with direct controller connection. But it makes it's really handy with extension cord. On smaller sized cases there are problems with heating. So this case is most reliable for long-term or day-to-day uses.


Default Wi-FI password is 12345678 and it's really suggested to be changed since it's completely not secure and technically makes possible to someone to do something with your car by connecting to controller's Wi-Fi network and sending some unexpected or injuring commands.

For management purposes Wi-Fi model have additional HTTP interface for router configuration like SSID name, Wi-Fi network password, IP network, etc. which allows to do that and set up some other options on your choice.

Please note: the controller Web interface allows to change many options in it's settings. Including enabling or disabling Wi-Fi network and changing AP mode. It's really recommended do not change anything until you really know what are you doing, since it could damage your controller or car.

ELM327 OBD2 controller web interface
Controller parameters
Option Default value
IPv4 network
Wi-Fi network password 12345678
AP web UI address
AP Web UI login password admin / admin


USB version of this controller uses USB to Serial bridge based on Prolific PL2303 controller. So running this device on Windows would require drivers to be installed.

Software compatibility list

Application Test result
Car Scanner YES
Dash Command YES
Nissan Data Scan NO
OBD Auto Doctor YES
OBD Car Doctor YES
OBD Facile YES
Harry's LapTimer Not tested
TrackAddict YES