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Brembo Gold front caliper

Legendary break kit becomes de facto standard for G's and Z's, was installed by default on 350z's manufactured at 2006-2007's before Nissan switched to Akebono brake kit with their new 370z.

Caliper type
Front 4pot
Rear 2pot
Front 324mm
Rear 322mm


The calipers ware an OEM part and unlike Akebono brake kit there're no issues on installation. They are fit bolt-on without any adapters or brackets.

Repair parts

OEM parts

Nissan cars were equipped with Brembo Gold brake kit so it's possible to order it directly through Nissan distributor/dealer.

Part OEM
Front left caliper 41011-CD00D
Front right caliper 41001-CD00D
Rear left caliper 44011-CD00D
Rear right caliper 44001-CD00D

Caliper rebuild kits

Brembo Gold repair kit

Seals, O-rings and bleeder screw caps for Brembo Gold calipers. Normally all of those rubbers should be replaced each time on caliper disassembling.

Part OEM
Front calipers rebuild kit 41120-12U25
Rear caliper rebuild kit 44120-12U25