Akebono brake kit

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Akebono Big Brake Caliper

In 2009 Nissan has launched it's new Z model - 370z with this brake kit installed as OEM part. There are several versions why Nissan replaced Brembo Gold calipers some of them are - price and effectiveness. But it's unclear what were the real reasons.

Caliper type
Front 4pot
Rear 2pot
Front 355mm
Rear 350mm


Akebono Big Brake kit adapters

Unlike Brembo Gold Akebono brake kit is normally designed for another car(370z) and doesn't fit bolt-on to 350z and G35(V35) so for installation it's required to use special adapters to align front calipers properly against the rotors. The could be manufactured by various companies, bellow are just some of them. Please note these adapters are required for front calipers only, so it's needed just two of them.

Manufacturer OEM
CZP 41G37-VP100
Voodoo13 CANS-0300

Repair parts

OEM parts

Since Infiniti/Nissan cars are equipped with Akebono brake kit it's possible to order it directly through Nissan distributor/dealer.

Part OEM
Front left caliper 41011-1EA1B, 41011-JL02A
Front right caliper 41001-1EA1B, 41001-JL02A
Rear left caliper 44011-1EA1A, 44011-JL02A
Rear right caliper 44001-1EA1A, 44001-JL02A
Front anti squealing kit D1080-JL00A
Rear anti squealing kit D4080-9N00C
Front pin 41217-JL00A
Rear pin 44217-JL00A
Pin fix clip 41218-JL00A

Seal rebuild kit

Akebono rebuild kit

Normally all of those rubbers should be replaced each time on calliper disassembling.

Part OEM
Front calipers rebuild kit D1120-JL00A
Rear caliper rebuild kit D4120-JL00A